The Final Word marks the turning point of the Royal College of Art’s Communication of Art and Design department under the leadership of Neville Brody, the new head of program.

Rather than producing another conventional catalogue of graduates’ work we invited students as well as external artists, designers, illustrators, RCA alumni, and tutors to respond to three starter topics: Fact and Fiction, The Value of Things and New Models for Publishing.

To create the starter topics, we visited the dissertations written by this year’s graduating students and selected reoccurring themes.

Together, the three topics indicate the issues at the forefront of the students’ thoughts and reveal the process of their creative engagement. Inviting responses from artists, designers, illustrators, alumni and RCA tutors allowed the discussion between students to extend beyond the department.

Rather than replicating the work of the students in the exhibition, this publication represents the ongoing discussions, ideas, research and dissertations that have informed them.
Published by the RCA, distributed by Motto.
With David Gibson and Susanne Stahl.